February 8, 2013

Our next installment of the Better know an argyle series is another young Aussie, Nathan Haas. Haas is in his sophomore year at the WorldTour level and with the Garmin-Sharp team.

Nathan Haas

What is your first memory involving a bike?

When I lived in Rome when I was five my dad bought a bike that was way too big for me and I remember sitting on it and actually crying because I hated it so much. It didn’t fit and I felt like I was going to die!

Luckily it’s been somewhat of a change since then! It’s ironic that I hated it then and love it now.

What is for favorite race and why?

For me it’s the Tour Down Under. It’s the first race I did with Garmin-Sharp so it’s the first race I did as a WorldTour rider. It’ such an awesome thing to be racing in your own country. I think I did 85 race days last year and only five were in Australia. It’s such a nice race, the weather is great and having all the Aussie fans there is just brilliant.

If you were not a professional cyclist what career would you have pursued?

Before I became a rider, in any professional sense, I was studying philosophy at university so I would probably be in some dungeon office thinking about things that are irrelevant to the world. And not making any money doing it!

What do you think is a little-know fact about you?

I’ve been playing saxophone for over ten years and love playing guitar/bass guitar. I dabble on the piano a little bit. Music is everything for me.

I dabbled in the school bands; but me and friend and his brother have a little jam band back home. We don’t have a name yet though.

What do you do for fun besides cycling?

Actually fishing, believe it or not. I really love it; sort of takes you to another world. A lot of people think it’s quite boring, for me I’m just locked-in for however many hours I’m doing it and it’s something I try to do as much as possible.

I managed to slip my fishing rod into the bike bag a lot. I got some great fishing in with JV in Colorado this year, some good walleye. Fishing is huge in Australia; it has a lot of rivers so we fish for trout. I’m trying to hone my fly fishing skills.

Nathan Haas

Why cycling?

Why not, man? It’s brilliant. Anyone who is a fan of cycling knows exactly why we do it. It feels great and I’m happy after I do it, before I do it and happiest while I’m doing it. If I can stretch this career for as long as I can that will make me a happy person.

Nathan Haas

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