January 25, 2013

In our ongoing series ‘Better know an argyle’ we continue our introduction of the young Aussie contingent of the team. Next is a rider who Jonathan Vaughters says has the best name in pro cycling, Steele Von Hoff.

What is your first memory involving a bicycle?

I was on one of those three wheel things riding around the yard and my dog would drag me off of it. Not a good start to cycling! He would drag me off it because I was a moving object.

What is your favorite race but for non-racing reasons?

I like Japan Cup because the people are so nice there and are so supportive no matter who you are. There are super fans in the lobby of the hotel waiting for you for autographs, even if you are a total unknown! That was pretty cool. Going back this year after my first year it was surprising how many people remembered who I was.

If you were not a pro cyclist what job would you be doing now?

I’d be stuck in a factory; I’d be welding still. I got my certificate in boiler making.

Have you ever welded a bike frame?

No but I have done some carbon work before. When I was younger I fixed my carbon frame with fiberglass just so I could keep on riding!

What is a unique fact about you that most fans might not know?

I got into cycling by racing these recumbent bikes and I would ride a BMX bike to school to train for the recumbent bike team. That’s what started it off, training once a week! Yeah, really hard schedule. Then I got into triathlons and it stemmed from that getting into road.

I was actually going to go for the world speed record on a recumbent bike!

What is your favorite non-cycling activity?

When I’m in Europe riding my motorbike. It’s an Aprilia RSV4 factory and absolutely beautiful. Red and black.

When you get home after a long cycling season what do you look forward to doing first?

I just clean! I have to clean up my shed, after my dad leaves it in a not-so-ok condition. It’s always first on my jobs list. A little OCD, yeah.

Do you have a special food craving after being away from home for so long?

There are many. This year I was craving Cheezels. It’s an Aussie food; they are round and you can put them on your fingers. They are delicious! Cadbury’s chocolate too. It’s got so much more sugar in it.

[At this point Dan Martin chimed in]

Oh man, the Cadbury factory was like 20km from my home growing up, we used to go there on school trips! You could smell it all over town!

More photos of Steele:
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