January 11, 2013

Twice a month team Garmin-Sharp will introduce you to another member of the argyle armada in this ongoing series. Some questions will be about cycling but mostly questions will offer you a glimpse into the non-cycling life of the rider. We begin with one of the new members of the team for 2013, young Aussie talent Rohan Dennis.

What is your first bike-related memory?

My first memory of riding any bike was riding up and down my street and for some reason I decided to jump on the brakes. I thought I saw something and I went straight over the front of the handlebars without a helmet on! That hurt a little bit.

I started racing late, so first racing memory was crashing on the track when I was fifteen and I overlapped the wheel when I was towards the top of the track. It felt like carpet burn.

It’s always the bad memories that stick in your head!

If you were not a pro bike racer, what other profession do you think you would have pursued?

Probably moto racing. Something with cars; motorbikes I’d probably **** myself, to put it simply. Car racing seems safer! You always have a wall around yourself almost.

Is there a little known fact about you?

Some people call me ADHD, but I’m a pretty typical bike rider — get home from training, eat and watch TV.

Ok, favorite TV show then?

All States TV like The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother or Family Guy. Aussie TV is not up the standards of the States.

After a long time away from home, what is the thing you crave the most when you return?

Go out and catch up with some people; go down to a pub and have a proper Aussie meal. First thing on my mind this year was a chicken parmesan — I have no idea why, but it was just a dirty-big chicken parmesan!

Rohan Dennis

Why cycling?

I love the sport, it’s the best sport in the world. But it’s also a challenge. I’ve always found that something I wasn’t challenged in I sort of got lazy and would get bored. But with this every day is a challenge. Even a recovery day you are trying to get over the block before and that really drives me — trying to better myself every day.

What do you do for fun on days where you just need a break from training?

Still try to get on a bike and have a crack! But if it’s not my day I’ll call it quits and just lay on the couch and watch movies. Where I live in Australia there are not a lot of fun things you can do other than go to a coffee shop and hang out with some friends.