December 1, 2010

The members of the 2011 Garmin-CervĂ©lo team met for the first time in the warm climate of the Cayman Islands. Here is a look at the team’s activities, courtesy of the Cayman Islands Cycling Association.

Cayman Camp, 2010

After all the excitement of the first day of the Garmin-Cervelo training camp in Cayman, it was down to business on day two as the team got fitted to their new Cervelo bicycles.

Fortunately there was some time for fun, with the team participating in team building exercises on the beach at the Reef Resort in East End.

The activities included beach volleyball, where one must imagine Johan Vansummeren had an unfair advantage, as well as kayaking.

The team then had dinner at the Lighthouse Restaurant to end what was the quietest day of the camp thus far.

However, rumour has it that day three of the camp will be a different matter altogether.

Read more at the Cayman Islands Cycling Association.

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Cayman Camp, 2010