November 30, 2010

The members of the 2011 Garmin-CervĂ©lo team met for the first time in the warm climate of the Cayman Islands. Here is a look at the first day’s activities, courtesy of the Cayman Islands Cycling Association.

David Millar - Cayman Camp, 2010

The first day of the Cayman Pro Cycling camp was a busy one for the riders and staff.

The highlight of the day was a trip to the Sandbar to visit the friendly locals who hang out there, even though a number of the cyclists seemed somewhat hesitant about getting into the water.

However once they found out how friendly the stingrays are, most of them relaxed, and everyone enjoyed the experience. David Millar certainly seemed to get along with the stingrays, as did Thor Hushovd.

Of course, as a regular visitor, Peter Stetina grabbed the first stingray that turned up and planted a big kiss on it, much to the amusement of his team mates.

From there the team snorkelled along the barrier reef to get a firsthand look at what the underwater wonders that surround Cayman, proving that many of them are not only great cyclists but pretty fair swimmers as well.

The evening was spent on the beach at The Reef Resort with a private function attended by event sponsors, during which the team members got to meet some of the supporters of the local cycling community.

It was also an opportunity for all to be reminded that in spite of the Herculean feats these cyclists perform in their day job, they remain very approachable and appreciative of those who follow the sport.

Tom Danielson- Cayman Camp, 2010

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