January 26, 2010

Christian Vande Velde - Training Camp, Calpe

Hey, at least it’s not winter in Chicago…

While the riders suffer through rain-soaked training rides, the mechanics stay dry; but are still hard at work getting the last of the bikes built for the season.

Team Garmin-Transitions - Training Camp, Calpe

Wrench Tom Hopper attends to David Millar’s bike.

One of our perceptive Argyle fans posed a question regarding our new wheel sponsor Mavic:

Team Garmin-Transitions - Training Camp, Calpe I’m so glad the season has started. It was good to see so many attacks by the Garmin boys at the TDU.
I have a wheel question. For a lot of the races you’ll probably be using the Mavic Carbone Ultimate or something. What wheel or wheels will the boys be using for mountain stages this year and for training?

Nathan B.

We got our man who is all things equipment Will Frischkorn on the horn right away to get the details. “For climbing the guys will have a choice of three wheelsets — the Carbon Cosmic Ultimate, the R-Sys Ultimate or when the conditions are wet, the R-Sys Premium with its metal rim.” As well, Will went into detail about all the team’s various wheels and their uses.

Time Trial
Comete rear disc
IO five-spoke front

Carbon Cosmic Ultimate
R-Sys Ultimate
R-Sys Premium

Carbon Cosmic SLR

Cosmic Elite