January 22, 2010

thumbTeam Garmin-Transitions’ intrepid camp counselor Will Frischkorn is busy arranging various camp activities for his charges — not exactly arts and crafts but definitely fun activities to go in between the physiological testing and training rides. But even with all this he was able to sit down with one of the Argyle Armada’s team captains, David Millar.

WF: How was the winter for you?
DM: Great. Far more relaxed than usual, lots of riding with Michael Barry. I’m healthy and happy.

WF: How’s the form?
DM: It’s hard to tell at this point; at the first races sometimes you feel good, but then suffer like a bastard. Sometimes you feel terrible and yey you are flying! I’m not going to announce where I am right now as even I don’t really know.

WF: How are the now goodies?
DM: Great. I’m loving the new glasses. Transitions is a fantastic new sponsor to compliment Garmin. Exciting stuff!

WF: How about the new crew of guys?
DM: They’re a quiet bunch of new guys. Probably good with so many loud guys already! I’m looking forward to getting the Aussies up and meeting the new kids.

WF: Where are you starting out?
DM: Like last year, Algarve. After that up to Het Volk, a new addition to the calendar, along with many of the northern classics. It’s exciting – I feel a bit like a neo-pro again doing those.

WF: Do you have any early season targets?
DM: Honestly, to be going well from Algarve on with no particular peak in mind. I’d like to be pretty good in all; some for myself, others for the team.

WF: How ya liking Calpe?
DM: I used to train here a lot in the old days with Cofidis, only now we’re in a much nicer hotel with a much better team. Needless to say it’s much more enjoyable.

Team Garmin-Transitions - Training Camp, 2010

WF: What’s the training been like, pretty easy to start?
DM: The training has been surprisingly hard, we jumped right in feet first. It’s only day four and I’m quite tired already. Hopefully I’ll recover after the easy day and be ready to hit it hard tomorrow.