March 26, 2009

Team Garmin-Slipstream’s David Zabriskie, sitting in third overall by just 22 seconds, put the pressure on the leaders in Castilla y Leon, when he attacked the field solo. Meanwhile, Tom Danielson and Christian Vande Velde sacrificed their top ten GC spots to help with the attacking. DZ remains in third overall with one more stage to go.

David Zabriskie - Castilla y Leon, stage 4

“Man’s gotta try…” -DZ

Director’s report from Johnny Weltz

Again today we wanted a fast stage, so it happened! The first 60km no breaks went but at 65km in a group of ten took off. We had Ricardo in it and they gained up to 1’40, but before the top it was caught.

Christian Vande Velde - Castilla y Leon, stage 4

Christian Vande Velde getting mechanical assistance.

The last 6km of the climb was brutally hard! A group of 14 went over the top with Zabriskie in it, and Christian and Tom passed at 30 seconds back. But the two groups came together at the bottom and a new group took off with Christian in it. They where caught on the last climb where Cobo took off with 2km to go and won the stage — a few seconds in front of a small group with Zabriskie, in at 11th place. And the GC stayed the same.

Team Garmin-Slipstream, stage 4 results
1. Juan José Cobo +3h42’03
11. David Zabriskie +0’09
39. Blake Caldwell +1’58
51. Tom Danielson +4’32
56. Christian Vande Velde +7’03
64. Lucas Euser +9’34
107. Huub Duyn +25’08
117. Hans Dekkers +25’08

Team Garmin-Slipstream GC results
1. Levi Leipheimer 12h15’38
3. David Zabriskie +0’22
33. Blake Caldwell +4’40
43. Tom Danielson +5’59
51. Christian Vande Velde +8’33
61. Lucas Euser +16’32
102. Huub Duyn +33’34
108. Hans Dekkers +35’41
110. Ricardo Van Der Velde +35’49