February 17, 2009

Special Tour of California report from Directeur Sportif Matt White

Today was a big day for the team. During the Silver City training camp, we spoke about turning some of those near misses of last year into wins for 2009. It takes real confidence to turn opportunities into successes. And I hope today was a big lesson in the value of confidence, especially for our young guys.

The team and Tom executed everything that was asked of them. The reward is Tom Peterson scored the biggest win of his career.

We also limited our losses on the defending champ Levi, who once again showed he is the man to beat for the overall victory. We certainly are not going down without a fight .

Tomorrow is another day and I think everybody here is praying for this rain to stop. These conditions are really draining our riders.

Garmin-Slipstream stage 2 results
1. Tom Peterson 5h06’20″
7. Tom Danielson +21″
10. Dave Zabriskie +21″
26. Christian Vande Velde +1’52″
54. Steven Cozza +4’51″
58. Svein Tuft +11’05″
68. Trent Lowe +11’05″
100. Tyler Farrar +17’10

Garmin-Slipstream GC
1. Levi Leipheimer 9h23’02″
2. Michael Rogers +24″
3. Dave Zabriskie +28″
14. Tom Danielson +42″
23. Tom Peterson +5’56″
30. Christian Vande Velde +6’04″
43. Steven Cozza +9’08″
52. Svein Tuft +15’13″
82. Trent Lowe +24’05″
90. Tyler Farrar +29’52″

Sprint Classification
1. Francisco Manebo 25 pts
2. Tom Peterson 15 pts
3. Levi Leipheimer 12 pts

Team Classification
1. Astana 28h10’16″
2. Garmin-Slipstream +3’58″
3. Team Saxo Bank +5’41″