September 14, 2008

Christian Vande Velde, Tour of Missouri stage 6 Today’s final circuit race in downtown St. Louis – shortened from 70 to 50 miles – was more like a long, albeit careful, parade for Team Garmin-Chipotle. Riding conservatively, the team focused on Christian Vande Velde’s safe passage as race leader. Once that mission was accomplished, the Argyle Armada lined up to put Tyler Farrar in motion for the final sprint in downtown St. Louis. Tyler finished third today behind Francesco Chicchi and Mark Cavendish.

Vande Velde was thrilled to finish today as the 2008 Tour of Missouri overall champion: “It’s been a great race from day one,” said Vande Velde. “I didn’t expect to win the time trial, but from then on, it was game on.”

“Everyone threw everything at us, trying to take away the 21” gap I had from the time trial,” he continued. “I was happy that everyone gave us such a fight because the win means that much more to us.”

Tom Danielson wrapped up a strong race, finishing 5th overall in the seven-day stage race.

Team Garmin-Chipotle stage results
1. Francesco Chicchi 1h57’06″
3. Tyler Farrar +00″
16. Christian Vande Velde +00″
28. Tom Danielson +00″
35. Danny Pate +00″
60. Steven Cozza +00″
84. Dave Zabriskie +1’03″

Team Garmin-Chipotle Final GC
1. Christian Vande Velde 21h23’26″
5. Tom Danielson +1’32″
30. Tyler Farrar +21’08″
32. Danny Pate +21’20″
37. Steven Cozza +22’33″
56. Dave Zabriskie +25’04″