September 8, 2008

Tyler Farrar, Tour of Missouri stage 1 Perfection is in the process.

Sure, second place isn’t the same as a victory on paper. But when its executed to perfection and to the best of our abilities, it can mean just as much. Today, Tyler Farrar (above) rode incredibly well in the final to finish second only to Mark Cavendish of Team Columbia.

Danny helped position Tyler perfectly behind the Columbia lead-out within the final kilometer. And Tyler didn’t disappoint with a great kick to the line just behind Cavendish. We are really happy with the result, especially in front of all those from Garmin that showed up to watch the race. Thanks for cheering us on!

Tomorrow is supposed to bring some warmer weather, so that will be a welcome change for the 126 mile/203 km stage to Springfield. Last year on this stage, a large breakaway went clear, leaving the general classification to be decided among those in the break. We’ll all be on our toes in case something similar happens this year.

Team Garmin-Chipotle stage results
1. Mark Cavendish 3h15’14″
2. Tyler Farrar +00″
16. Daniel Holloway +00″
20. Danny Pate +00″
33. Steven Cozza +00″
37. Christian Vande Velde +00″
42. Blake Caldwell +00″
65. Tom Danielson +00″
95. Dave Zabriskie +20″

Team Garmin-Chipotle GC
1. Mark Cavendish 3h15’04″
2. Tyler Farrar +04″
18. Daniel Holloway +10″
22. Danny Pate +10″
35. Steven Cozza +10″
39. Christian Vande Velde +10″
44. Blake Caldwell +10″
65. Tom Danielson +10″
100. Dave Zabriskie +30″

Sprint Points Classification
1. Mark Cavendish 15 pts
2. Tyler Farrar 12 pts

Team Classification
1. Rabobank 9h45’42″
2. Team Garmin-Chipotle H3O +00″