May 14, 2008

Giro stage 5 unhappy MillarToday was odd. So much of it was right. I was having fun this morning and found myself off the front for no reason other than I was having fun getting mixed up in the action with Maggy and Danny. It was all happening on its own. I didn’t need to try very hard.

Before I knew it, I was in a race winning break, and I rapidly switched into race winning mode. I started to get ultra switched-on and even a little short-tempered, a sure sign I’m in the zone.

It was hard.
I was feeling totally in control, but it was hard. I averaged 154 heart rate for 5 hrs. I have a max of 190 when fresh. So I was hurting myself, and yet I never doubted myself. I decided to win the sprint. So all I had to do was not hesitate a second when the other four started attacking me in the final. Because that was what they had to do. They all knew I would beat them in a sprint, so that would be their tactic.

I did this until my chain broke. I was so raging and so focused that all the energy I had for winning the race was taken out on my bike. I’m not that person, I don’t see red. But I think it’s quite funny I did that. I’ve yet to see the footage…

Anyway, probably the nicest thing is seeing how affected by it Whitey is. He’s never affected. Makes me remember how much he cares. The same goes for the whole team here. They’ve been lovely.

I love Grand Tours. I’ve got 15 more stages to rectify today. Brilliant.