April 27, 2008

Trent Lowe, Tour de Georgia stage 5 There were no real surprises during today’s final circuit race in downtown Atlanta. A breakaway that included Tom Danielson held about a one-minute gap on the peloton for most of the race.

The break was overtaken in the final 10 km circuit with all the team’s lining up for their shot at a final stage win. Tyler Farrar managed to finish the stage 6th and maintain his second place position in the overall sprint competition.

Trent Lowe (right) easily maintained his position as the 2008 Tour de Georgia Best Young Rider overall. This marks the second time Trent has earned that honor, having won it in 2005 when he was only 20-years-old. Trent also finished on the podium as second in the overall classification, while Christian Vande Velde finished seventh.

Stage 7 Results
1. Greg Henderson 2:23’53”

6. Tyler Farrar mt
22. Trent Lowe mt
34. Christian Vande Velde mt
48. Danny Pate mt
56. Tom Danielson mt
68. David Zabriskie mt
87. Lucas Euser +1’08”

Final General Classification
1. Kanstantin Sivtsov 22:44’44”
2. Trent Lowe +4″
7. Christian Vande Velde +1’32”
38. David Zabriskie +8’51”
43. Tom Danielson +11’35”
65. Danny Pate +24’56”
89. Tyler Farrar +39’05”
93. Lucas Euser +43’06”

Best Young Rider
1. Trent Lowe 22:44’48”
2. Christian Meier +3’40”

Sprint Classification
1. Greg Henderson 53 pts
2. Tyler Farrar 35 pts